2020 Symbiosis Symposium – Ripples of Change


A global community approach to regenerative social and ecological solutions.

OCT 17 & 18: Symbiosis Symposium
Register now: www.crowdcast.io/e/symbiosis2020


Join Dennis McKenna, Pandora, Paul Stamets, William Padilla-Brown, Larry Santoyo, Antonio Natem Duku, Annaliese Hordern, Alexandre Tannous, Anthony Basil Rodriguez,  Rosemary Morrow, Mark Lakeman, Abhaijot and other amazing changemakers, from the grassroots to internationally acclaimed.


Community resources with actionable takeaways; building a regenerative future together.


Replays available of all presentations.


@mckenna.academy in collaboration with Annaliese Hordern, https://symbioticnature.com.au/