Benefits of Hempcrete

  1. Heat Energy savings can be 50% to 80% less than conventional construction and design methods. A hempcrete wall has an R-15.
  2. Fire resistant properties. A rendered Hemp wall provides a 2.5 hour fire wall.
  3. Puts home building back in the hands of the owner and the community.
  4. Low thermal conductivity
  5. Hemp buildings have a high sound attenuation value
  6. High durability lime becomes stronger as time passes
  7. The lime/hemp building material is naturally resistant to rats and mice and termites
  8. Hempcrete is simply a mixture of industrial hemp hydrated lime sand and water.
  9. Hemp walls breathe or allow moisture to pass through discouraging the growth of mould.
  10. Hemp improves the air quality reducing airborne molds and toxins
  11. Carbon negative because it sequesters carbon when used as a building material.
  12. Hemp produces large quantities of biomass faster than forests without fertilizer or pesticides in most soils and is rapidly renewable
  13. A 3-month crop on one hectare can produce enough hemp to build a 24 square meter house and small shed
  14. Hemp building is possibly cheaper than the cheapest form of project homes– ie. brick veneer, with lower embodied energy.
  15. You can grow your own hemp and using only simple machinery, process the stalks to provide enough material to build your own house of hemp only metres away.
  16. Recent changes in law now allows for commercial hemp farms in Northern Rivers.