Bamboo Pop-up Park

Braving the cool windy winter of South Australia Barefoot Design has been working on the streets creating people based structures in the suburban streets of St. Alban’s. A recent commission has found Barefoot design working with Brimbank City council to help bring life back to the streets. With the opening of new bus transfer station the Sunshine Council has decided to redevelop the old bus lanes and give them back to the people. Barefoot Designs was commissioned to create a Pop-up park in the centre of the Vietnamese flavored streets.

Spending a week on the streets surrounded by great food and a colourful array of people was a great thing to do. Greeted by many interested fold and enamored by the use of Bamboo.

As the week progressed and the structures were built many inquired when the festival was… to which I responded “Festival happening every Day”. The unpredictability of Melbourne weather had us battling rain, hail and strong winds with a few sunny days for good measure.

With the help of my trusty bamboo cohorts James, Cesar and Sam we constructed a beautiful structure in days and finished it off with a dash of colour to brighten up the drabness of Melbourne winter. The construction will be in place for the next 10 months as the city works on large scale redevelopment for the area.

It was the first public installation funded by local council for us and definitely will not be the last.