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Recent Projects

Here are a couple of Barefoot Designs recent projects focusing on the use of Bamboo and Hemp building

  • Lupunaluz Jungle Retreat Centre

  • Mullumbimby Hemp House

Terrapod Tiny House

The Terrapod modular house system designed and constructed in Australia. to catering to every need and budget. Its unique flatpac design allows for ease of construction on almost any terrain delivered to site and assembled in 4 days.

Workshops and Lectures


Saturday May 20th 2018
12pm til 2pm


Renew Festival
Mullumbimby Showgrounds


Bamboo Workshop

In Print

Over the Past 15 years Barefoot has been published in a number of magazines. Here are a few.


Sustainable Design Works in harmony with nature
Rather than defying it.

Specializing in Sustainable Design and the use of Natural Building Materials


Straw bale homes are healthy homes The benefits of strawbale building far outweigh the conventional timber construction. Straw and Clay are natural, they aren’t toxic, there is no off gassing and or carcinogens.

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Hemp is a tried and tested building material that had been used throughout the world for centuries. It is a mixture of lime and hemp and is used as an insulating filling for masonry walls.

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Rammed Earth

The many advantages of building with rammed earth include superior thermal mass, temperature and noise control, strength and durability, low maintenance, fire proofing, load bearing and pest deterrence, as

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One of the main advantages of building with bamboo is that it is a wonderful, natural and renewable resource, capable of rapid growth that can avoid future deforestation of our precious tropical rainforests.

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